Is G Suite right for your business?

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G Suite helps you manage your business more effectively it also enhances your workflow and improve the communication between your employees.

Here are five ways in which G Suite can benefit your business:

Cost Savings with G Suite

Gmail, Docs, and Calendar are offered for free by Google but buying G Suit will get you many features. Over 3 million business have already recognized its effectiveness.sonic_bar_anim_halfres-2.gif

G Suite offers an amazing workplace organization. Even more, conversion from an office server to G Suite eliminates costly work orders and interruptions. G Suite is very simple to use so you won’t be needing a technical team or a consultant to fix issues.

G Suite Pricing: 

Basic Plan Rs.210/user/month

Business Plan Rs.714/user/month

Data Security with G Suite

With Google Drive, your important data is always safe and can easily be accessed on any device. G Suite stores information in Google data centers which are spread all over the world which guarantees that if one or more servers fail, your information won’t be lost and you can easily access it whenever you need to.


Since information remains in the cloud, G Suite eliminates the need to download documents to devices and home computers, where they may be lost, stolen or damaged. You and your employees can access documents on the go, when they are traveling or if they work remotely.

Even though G Suite offers high-security levels for your data, you still need to exercise basic cybersecurity precautions.

Team Collaboration

G Suite allows you and your team members to work together on documents at the same time. It uses the cloud to save all the documents and you can also see the edits you make in real time.092016_social_posts-21_googleplus.jpg

You can give editing capabilities to all team members or just to a selected few. As your employees work on the documents, they can use the built-in chat feature to brainstorm ideas and communicate.

These features allow your team members to complete projects faster and more accurately. It also eliminates the need to send numerous emails.


If you’re already using Gmail then you will be familiar with the benefits of this Webmail service. with G Suite, you also get some additional features.


G Suite also offers the well-known video conferencing application Google Hangouts. With Hangouts, you can easily communicate with your employees and clients. Hangouts bring the team together for important meetings and brainstorming sessions, no matter where they are located.


Organizing meetings, planning projects, tracking deadlines, and scheduling appointments is made easier by Google Calendar. Google Calendar is a single planner the entire company can view, update and post on to mark deadlines, meeting times and project milestones.

Google Gsuite.pngGoogle Calendar is also integrated with Gmail so that you can schedule events right from the inbox.

Mobile Device Management is a G Suite feature which is available at no extra cost. G Suite is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and other smartphones. To help your team get on board, you can locate the work apps you wish to use and then distribute those applications from the Admin console via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

So, what does G Suite gets you?



G Suite will increase the efficiency of your business, numerous professionals regularly use many Google features and Apps already.  Their familiarity with Google’s ecosystem and platforms will make G Suite an easy adjustment. By spending a small amount your business can gain the power to work from anywhere all while your companies important data is safe.

One of the best thing about G Suite is that it is compatible with each and every single OS you can think of.


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