Imagine you have an important business trip tomorrow and your iPhone or MacBook which has many important documents stops working or gets damage due to some incident. There are not many places out there which offer quality and fast Apple services, but one of them which do offer hassle free quick service is iValue

Here at iValue, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and to achieve that we provide several services designed keeping our customers in mind. One of that is our Apple based services.

We not only sell Apple devices we also provide an extensive range of after-sales services such as Upgrades, Repairs, and Maintenance.

Mac Services

Why should you upgrade and not buy a new one?

Yes, buying a new Mac will obviously solve all your problems but it is not always possible to buy a new device every time your existing one gets a bit slow. Keeping that in mind we have designed our services just for your convenience. We offer upgrades to your existing Apple products, so they can perform for a long time as per your needs.

Upgrades we offer:

  • Faster HDD/SSD
  • RAM Upgrades*

Does your Mac need service?

We have highly trained and Apple certified engineers who ensure that you are provided with extremely professional staff and technical support that enables you to get the best possible Apple services. We also offer Out-of-Warranty repairs.


Services we provide for Mac:

  • Screen Fixing of all Apple devices
  • Logic Board Repairs
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Software-Based Services
  • Water Damage Repair

Did you break your iPhone or spill liquid on it?


iPhone devices are most prone to getting damaged as they are used all day and at every place imaginable. From waking up till you go back to sleep iPhone is continuously is being used. Most common things which get broken is your iPhone is the screen & charging socket. We are here to help, we provide same day screen replacement and we also provide solutions for major damages.

Is maintenance really important?

Your devices health depends on how you maintain it, like all machines your Apple devices like MacBook or iMac also needs maintenance and doing that will ensure that the devices keep on performing well and have a long life.

Regular Maintenance Includes:

  • Dusting & Cleaning
  • Software-Based Maintenance
  • Data Backup

AS 4.png

You need AMC.

I’ve been asking a lot of questions but when it comes to AMC, there should be no second thoughts. Annual Maintenance Contract provides satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers during the contract duration because, the contact contains the maintenance, regular checkups of both hardware and software, and routine work to regulate the performance of the device.

Our Services

  • Logic Board Repair
  • HDD/SSD Upgrade
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Airport Card Replacement
  • LED/LCD Replacement
  • Optical Drive Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Reformatting & Reinstalling
  • Dull Display Repair
  • Dual-Boot Installation

We also provide Pickup & Drop facility for your convenience.


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