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Apple announced a whole new separate operating system for the iPad. iPad used to run on the iOS before which limited the usability of the iPad.

To make the iPad a true desktop replacement the new OS has been given serious multitasking ability, some might even say multitasking on the iPadOS is even better than the Macs. (Due to touch UI).

iPadOS powers unique experiences designed for especially for the iPad the new features include, Powerful Multitasking, New Ways to Use Apple Pencil, New Home Screen, and More.


The new Home Screen has been redesigned with a new layout to show more apps on each page. Today View can now be added to the Home screen, allowing quick access to widgets for at-a-glance information, including headlines, weather, calendar, events, tips and more. With iPadOS, widgets now live on the side, next to all of your apps, and your favorite widgets can be pinned to the front page.


If you have a Mac, your iPad will now become more useful than it ever was. With macOS Catalina, your iPad can now be used as a second display for your Mac, Sidecar even allows you to use your iPad as a drawing tablet for your Mac. To keep up with this new feature Apple has updated Apple Pencil so that it has less latency and new tools. This feature will only work with the new macOS Catalina.apple_ipados_slide-over_060319.jpg

Slide Over allows you to drag an app from the dock and float it on your screen in spaces. You can now have multiple apps at once in Slide-Over view, you can also scroll through the apps and switch between them in a new interface. You can now keep two instances of the same app and use them together by keeping them side-by-side. For example, you can do things like open two Safari windows and see them side by side.

New Text-Editing Gestures

Apple added some new gestures to make the text editing easier than before, now you can place the cursor by dragging it exactly where you want. You can also quickly select a text by dragging your finger over it. If that was not enough, a double tap selects a word, a triple tap selects a sentence, and four taps select a paragraph. Copying text happens with a three-finger pinch, and then you just un-pinch to paste. To undo changes, just swipe left with three fingers.


The new keyboard can now be placed anywhere on the screen which makes typing with just a thumb easier. Also adding the feature of Swipe to Type. The QuickPath keyboard was a long-awaited feature which is finally here.


iPad now supports external storage devices thanks to the new operating system. This will increase the usability of the device. It is perhaps the biggest iPadOS feature: Files can now connect to an external hard drive, SD card reader, and even a USB drive. And not even that it is also now possible to connect a DSLR and import images. With the correct adapters, iPad can literally replace a desktop.

The Files App

Files app is getting a new Downloads folder, but it will also now support shared folders through iCloud. You can also now access local storage with the new update. Just connect to the server through Files, and then you’ll have full access to everything you need.apple_ipados_apple-pencil_060319.jpgWith iPadOS, Apple Pencil is even more integrated into the iPad experience. A redesigned tool palette gives quick access to tools, color palettes, shapes, object eraser, a new pixel eraser for removing any part of a stroke and a ruler for drawing perfectly straight lines. Apple Pencil feels even more natural, using advanced prediction algorithms and optimizations to reduce its industry-leading latency from 20 milliseconds to as low as 9 milliseconds.

Is that it?

Well no, iPadOS also has every feature which comes with iOS 13. You can look at them by clicking HERE. iPadOS is coming very close to be a desktop replacer.

These features might not sound that impressive on the surface but they increase the usability of iPad vastly.


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Images used are from Apple Newsroom

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