iPad Revolutionizing Pharma SalesForce

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With the mass adoption of tablet technology, business leaders are using iPads to arm mobile workers which are improving internal efficiencies, building customer loyalty, and helps reach out to new customers in innovative ways.

Apple iPad is revolutionizing how a mobile workforce access information and learning. The slim design combined with a large display, the ease of portability compared to a laptop, the instant-on feature, and the intuitive multi-touch screen interface are just some of the key reasons why the iPad has rapidly become the mobile device of choice for a global workforce.

0-4.pngSo, how do pharma companies harness the power of the iPad to increase sales effectiveness before, during and after sales meetings? 

Here are some reasons why you should deploy iPads to your salesforce. The iPad provides capabilities similar to a traditional laptop but delivers additional benefits which will help with pharma sales forces:

Instant Power-On & Battery Life

4.pngThe iPad comes alive with the touch of a button, compared to a laptop which takes some time to boot and also has less battery life. iPad has an all-day battery life which helps the sales force who are always on the go.

Great Portability

The new iPad only weighs 1.03lbs, making it very easy to carry. When compared to a laptop which on average weighs around 5lbs.

Easy Connectivityog__eqlpyn50m0k2_overview

While laptops and tablets are fitted with Wi-Fi, the 4G/LTE capability of the iPad provides an edge over these other devices. This allows the sales force to be always connected no matter where they are.

The experience on the iPad can also be enhanced by a number of accessories which makes the iPad more useful.

Seamless UI

iPad has a very interactive and easy to use interface. The responsiveness of the OS gives a far more real and involving experience. The sales rep can move among different content types and video, animation, and media with relative ease and fluidity that simply cannot be achieved by a traditional laptop.


Apple devices are known for there security. Security on iPad is equivalent to that of laptops when the appropriate mobile device management (MDM) software is deployed.

Beautiful Design Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.25.35 PM

The iPad has a look and feel, which is very appealing. It has the right size to make it easy for personal viewing and for physician demonstrations, making the experience more engaging.

_________________________Among the key benefits for pharma sales reps and organizations using iPads for sales and other purposes include:

Digital detailing is undoubtedly one of the primary drivers of mobility adoption in pharma sales. The iPad has the ability to easily demonstrate video, animations, and anatomical or product images to physicians at any place or time.

Specialty detailing, in particular, would be greatly enhanced by using the iPad with its sharp visual display and advanced processor capabilities.

Specialty Care sales reps typically get more face time with physicians, an iPad can be a powerful tool to help tell the “story” of a product or procedure.

eSampling and eCouponing is another area where an iPad will help interacting with a physician better. eCoupons can be redeemed and samples ordered during a physician call, making response and fulfillment almost immediate.

Training and marketing content, On-demand product learning material and certification tools can be made available to the sales force for skills enhancement while they are on the road.

iPad will revolutionize the way your sales force works and makes them more efficient which will result in more profit.


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