After so many years of development, iOS and Android have come a lot far than their initial release. In any other comparison ideally, there will be more than just two choices. But when it comes to selecting an operating system for your phone only iOS and Android comes to mind.

Even though Android have all the features in the world it always came a little short when compared to the highly optimized iOS.

Let’s have a look that is the latest Android version of Android (Android Q) is any better than the iOS 12.


When it comes to performance iOS always has the upper hand over Android as it feels a lot faster and smoother- this is partly down to the rate at which the UI and touch detection can work, and also because of the way powerful and optimized ‘A’ series chips.

But there are some fast Android phones out there. One which comes to mind when thinking of good Android phones are Pixel 3, One Plus 6T, Samsung S or Note Series and some Asian brands. These phones are fast enough even for a phone enthusiast. Android has also gained up on the RAM management department. RAM use in the running applications are a bit closer to the surface, and can often be brought up essentially instantaneously.

Benchmark results show that the latest Snapdragon 855-powered Android phones will be a lot faster to start applications, though doubtlessly, next iPhone will be ready to eclipse the fast processor on the Android.

In Short, iOS has the win when it comes to performance as it just feels so much better than any Android phone out there.



Now storage is a topic where Android phones are way ahead over the iPhones. Users simply buy the capacity they want. And then wish they’d bought the next tier up, often! That is not really a big problem, as Android users can always expand the storage by putting a memory card.

It might sound like a good idea, but there are often issues with people not understanding the difference between internal and expansion disks and putting the wrong content on each, filling up the internal, swapping microSD cards and running into formatting issues. Plus, internal storage is almost always faster and more reliable in the long run.

Having an option of expanding storage is better than nothing. So this point goes to Android (Well Some Androids).



One of the biggest advantage of having an iPhone is that you get Apple exclusive apps as well as very useful Google Apps. Applications like Google Docs, Calendar, Photos, and many others are really productive and enhances the whole iOS experience. As this wasn’t enough Apple App Store also has Microsoft apps like Office, OneNote, OneDrive which makes the iOS more versatile.

When you hit the application stores on both OS you find similar content– at least at the consumer level. When you want to head into specialist areas (e.g. medicine) then iOS has a distinct advantage in terms of application quality and quantity.

It is easy to get an app to the Play Store, so it has far more rubbish and even malware containing app can slip into your Android phone. Whereas Apple App Store does extensive testing of each and every app before it hits the App Store making iOS a lot safer when compared to Android.

Point iOS.



There is no way iOS competes Android when it comes to Interface. iOS’s interface is good but it will probably look the same after a year, whereas you can change the interface of Android as per your liking. From a clean minimalistic design to making your phone look like it can launch nuclear missiles Android can be customized in nearly infinite ways.

Talking of customization, the only thing you can customize on an iOS device is the Control Centre and the widget page and that is it.

iOS might lack in the customization part but it makes it up in the overall design and usability. Each and every single application, animation, gesture, notification Centre is very well finished and overall provides a great user experience.

Summing up, Android is highly customizable whereas iOS provides a better user experience. It’s a Draw


iPhone-X-battery-percentage-indicator-main.png Battery

Due to highly optimized operating system iOS manages to get more battery life even though the battery capacities (mAh) are less when compared to various Android phones especially the midrange phones with enormous battery size but mediocre battery life.

But Android phones have a benefit of having Quick Charge feature which is available on almost every Android phone but only in newer models of iPhones.



Getting your iPhone fixed is very easy as Apple has a wide coverage of service centers all over the world. Same can’t be said for Android, as there are many brands which makes Android phones. Usually, you will have to go a distance to get your phone fixed.

Getting support for your Android phone isn’t really an issue if you have a phone from a brand really famous in your area or even country like Samsung or One Plus.

Apple Support is a lot easier and provides an amazing experience.

iOS Android

 iOS has a little advantage over the Android

Other Benefits of iOS Device’s

  • iPhones retain their value better than Android devices.
  • iOS follows a very thorough security protocol and the Apps on the Apple AppStore are very well built and are secured when compared to apps on Android PlayStore.
  • iOS provides a seamless experience when you’re in the Apple Ecosystem.



Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. For a person who has used both operating systems if I have to buy my next phone it will be an iOS device.

iOS just provides an overall experience that Android phones just can’t match. But if you’re a heavy user who likes to customize, develop, try different ROM’s and make your phone exactly as per your needs, Android is a better choice for you, as you have a wide range to choose from. But Android still lacks the optimization and a overall smooth experience which iOS provides.


We would love to hear from you, As a company, we always love to hear from the users. Share your experience with us and let us know which OS do you prefer.

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