Agent Smith attacks 25M Android users, is iOS still safe?

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By Agent Smith Malware, 25 Million Android users were infected, the malware hides it self in apps like WhatsApp and then replaces the apps which are installed in your phone with infected versions of apps that serves adverts.

Cybersecurity Researchers Were Warned on Wednesday.

Android OS has many loopholes and using them the Agent Smith malware managed to affect so many users.

Most victims of this malware attack are based in India.

More than 15 Million users were affected in India by the Agent Smith Virus, the numbers of infected users are less in the US & UK as people are more aware about these kinds of threats.

Attacks like these really question the security measures of the android phones. Google is trying to patch up the loopholes with software updates so more users don’t get infected with this annoying malware.

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How was Malware Spread?

The Agent Smith malware was spread via a third party app store which is owned by a very huge brand from China named Alibaba.

This information was shared by Check Point, a company which makes security apps and notify’s people in cases of new malware are seen on there radars.

Typically, such non-Google Play attacks focus on developing countries, making the hackers’ success in the U.S. and the U.K. more remarkable,

Check Point said.

Whilst the replaced apps will serve up malicious ads, whoever’s behind the hacks could do worse, Check Point warned

“Due to its ability to hide it’s icon from the launcher and impersonates any popular existing apps on a device, there are endless possibilities for this sort of malware to harm a user’s device,” the researchers wrote.

How Does it Infect?

The attack starts with the user download an app from the store, it can be a photo utility, games or adult themed apps. This app then secretly installs the malware disguised as apps which looks they are from Google Play Store.

Legitimate apps – from WhatsApp to the Opera browser and more – are then replaced with an infected update so they serve the bad ads. There’s some indication that the attackers are considering moving to Google Play. The Check Point researchers said they’d found 11 apps on Google’s store that contained a “dormant” piece of the hackers software.

Agent Smith Malware shows annoying advertisements but the hackers can also gain your personal information via this virus, information like bank details, contacts, personal messages, app data and much more.

Any Preventions?

The start could be not downloading any apps which are not on the Google Play Store. Keep your phone updated. Do not forward or open messages which looks suspicious.

The only permanent solution for a problems like these is to move to a extremely secure operating system like the Apple’s iOS. iOS is extremely secure and is impenetrable. Problems like these have also happened in the past with the Android OS but people have failed to learn a lesson from it.

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Why Apple?

It is impossible to get a infected app like from the Apple’s App Store. It is extremely secured. Apple have very high standards to get an app on App Store, so all the users can browse and install without worrying about malware’s and adware’s.

Not only the Apps Store, Apple’s operating system is made in a way that it is impenetrable. Apple continuously work on the OS making it more secure day by day and Apple gives software update’s before a malware attack like Agent Smith happens.

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