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Leasing and financing IT products can be a very beneficial move for your organization, whether you’re buying products for a business, school, university, or yourself, financing can be a great money saver, here is everything you need to know about leasing/financing. Leasing Finance Services in Ahmedabad

What is Leasing/Finance?

In Leasing/Financial service, products can be rented with minimal up-front investment. The contract can be done with the service provider to rent the devices, the payment can be done, annually or quarterly. If your business want the latest equipment now, with the option to upgrade every two to three years leasing/finance services can be very useful.

Why Lease/Finance?

By using Lease/Finance services you don’t have to settle for low powered machines because of the budget restrains, Take advantage of special lease offers with flexible terms and end of lease options. Each one is an affordable way to grow your business. With Apple products, you can create amazing content for school, work, or play and Financing allows you to pay for your Apple gear while you use it.

Advantages of Leasing/Finance

Lease/Finance products as per your exact requirement: By leasing devices from Apple instead of buying, businesses can add to the lease at any time during the term and extend the lease term when business needs call for it.

Up-to-date Products: In the world where new technology is announced everyday, older devices can run into serious compatibility issue, that can be solved by leasing instead of buying, due to low upfront cost devices can be upgraded when their life-cycle is completed.

Greater predictability: With a specified payment stream, your business will know what its technology costs will be during the financed term.

Innovative payment models: Customised payment structures can be created to suit you business better, which results in more savings when compared to buying.

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Our Leasing Finance Services

You can get the latest Apple devices for your business through a brand new leasing program offered with iValue India and Apple Financial Services. Get the Apple products and our special services you need today, without paying for everything upfront. Our leasing finance Services are created to fit your businesses and its budget. Our financial service team works with business and organization to match the technological needs with that of payment structures. Leasing Finance Services in Ahmedabad

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