Is your iPhone Storage Full? Here’s how to fix it!

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Is your iPhone out of storage space, or getting dangerously close? If so, there are lots of things you can do to free up some much-needed space.

Apple offers a whole set of tools to analyze and manage storage on your iPhone. You can access all these tools under one settings menu. Just go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage.

iPhone storage

In the iPhone Storage menu, you can take a look at what is taking up space, and below the graph, you can use the tools to free up some space on your iPhone.

Manage Photos & Videos

The majority of the iPhone’s storage is taken by photos and videos on your iPhone, and most of them are unwanted. It is best that you delete all those unwanted photos and videos. But if you don’t want to delete your precious media, the best way to keep all that is to use Cloud storage.

Use iCloud Photo Library

By enabling iCloud Photo Library you can instantly free up much-needed space on your iPhone. But there are 2 major drawbacks that come with using the iCloud Photo Library.

  1. iCloud only offers 5GB free storage, and you will need to buy more storage from Apple.
  2. As the photos are stored online, you can only stream them and can’t be viewed offline.
iPhone storage

To enable iCloud Photo Library, just follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Choose Photos.
  3. Turn ON the option for iCloud Photos.
  4. Make sure the option for Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage is selected.

iCloud does the uploading process in the background, the usability of the device is not at all affected by iCloud upload.

If you don’t want to buy iCloud storage, the best alternative is to download Google Photos from the App Store. Google lets you upload unlimited high-quality photos and videos.

Clear “Recently Deleted” Album

There might be photos and videos which you deleted but are still in the Recently Deleted album in the Photos, although iPhone automatically erases all the deleted photos after 30 days, it is sure worth taking a look at.

Delete Unused Apps

This is one of the most obvious tips to make storage on your iPhone. Apps and games on your iPhone take a lot of space and it is easy to overlook some of the apps which are not being used for months.

Offload Unused Apps

iPhone’s have a feature that automatically deletes unused apps (securely saves data locally) and free up storage. This can be very helpful if you have a lot of unused apps on the phone.

Here is how you enable this setting:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Enable Offload Unused Apps setting.
iPhone storage

This setting will only remove apps that are not being used. It keeps the data stored locally and deletes the app. The moment you need to use the app, it gets downloaded from the App Store on the spot.

Delete and Re-install Storage hungry Apps

Applications such as Instagram and Facebook stores a lot of data as Cache so it can deliver a lag-free app user interface, unlike Android, iOS does not have a “clear cache” options, so the best alternative is to delete and re-install the app, this will erase all the unnecessary cached data and free up storage.

 iPhone storage

Commonly used apps like FaceBook, Instagram, Google Drive, and others can take a lot of space using the above trick can give you around 2GB of storage instantly.

Delete Old Messages

iMessage and text messages can take an immense amount of storage especially if you have never cleared them out. Text messages can take a little space as they don’t contain much media but iMessages can take a lot of space.

These were some of the most effective ways to clear out storage on your iPhone, did we miss any tips? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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