CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it is a powerful system that bridges all the data from the sales leads and customers all in one place. CRM software records and analyzes every call, email, and meeting, which helps in the improvement of customer service, drive sales, and eventually increases the companies revenue.

CRM software operates at the core of the business, by using people, processes, and technology to gain analytics of customer and their prospective behavior, which helps to identify new cross‐sell and up-sell opportunities.

Every business can grow by taking the help of CRM software, from single proprietorships to global organizations. CRM software can help the sales team to engage with customers in a better way and have successful interactions.

Why Should CRM be Mobile?

A CRM should allow users to access important business data no matter where they are. In a sense, it should allow them to run the business on the go. A CRM should help the sales executives rather than being a burden and a nightmare in which all sales reps do is data entry.


Traditional CRM services have allowed sales force and sales managers to keep customer data organized which later can be used to enhance sales and customer relations. As everything is going mobile, it is only natural that sales reps are provided with a tool that can keep up with there fast-paced work life.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

Increase in productivity, when using mobile CRM sales reps can enter useful data as soon as they leave the client’s office, which will lead to a quick data entry process and the relevancy of the data will be impeccable.

Better visibility, sales managers can have a clear view of the sales reps, they can keep an eye on activities like visits, products, and other major aspects of the sales process.

Better data analysis, with sales reps inputting highly relevant data, sales managers can analyze the data and use it to increase customer satisfaction, which will then lead to increased revenue.


Time waste to a minimum, as sales reps don’t have to make time for data entry, they can be on the field more and make more sales call, a mobile CRM works as a sales assistant.

Access to resources, as the primary device to use CRM service will be mobile, sales reps will have all the information they need right in there palms. This will allow the sales force to sell better as they will have all the resources needed.

Scheduling & Tracking: Using interactive mobile software can help sales reps to track their scheduled tasks and meetings with the help of reminders so every user can stay on schedule.

Easy Reporting: Performance of sales individuals can be generated by the CRM software and data can be curated by department, employee, or a particular project making management and performance analysis easy for sales managers.

Introducing ForceManager

ForceManager is the leading mobile CRM designed to make life easier by acting as a personal sales assistant for field sales teams on-the-go. The success of the app is a result of its 100% mobile-first design, user-friendly interface, and high adoption rate.


Forcemanager is a CRM solution that offers the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence and intuitive design, transforming the smartphone into the modern-day personal sales assistant for field teams and, ultimately, helping to improve the performance sales reps on-the-go.

iValue India is bringing the Forcemanager to India and will be providing comprehensive solutions. From analyzing to training iValue will be a part of the entire implementation process. iValue is the authorized reseller of ForceManager.

For more information about Forcemanager and iValue, contact us from the details below.

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